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Classical Music

Tristan Clarke and Joe Buono have taken the Internet by storm with their melodica arrangements of classical hits.
Camerata, the Lyrebird trio, Andrew Goodwin and Louise King are just some of the artists coming to the festival this year.
The Australian pianist talks whiskey, cheese toasties, and why he'd like to be stuck on a desert island with Alfred Brendel.
We asked seven of our leading maestros which underrated composer they would like to be conducting, given half a chance.
Pinchgut Opera’s AD has just cut his first solo disc. The in-demand harpsichordist talks about the joys of Handel and musical theatre.
The soprano talks about her upcoming show DIVA, a funny and warm tribute to Joan Sutherland and June Bronhill.
Flying into Sydney and Brisbane, the new music specialist talks Kate Moore, feminism and why she won't do a Pistol and Boo.
Why when a clock goes tick-tick do we hear tick-tock? An investigation into a trick of the mind throws up some surprising results.
Confusion over door etiquette caused a meeting of greats to descend into farce.
The operatic version of Patrick White’s novel is legendary. How long have we to wait before someone takes up the cause?