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Light Classics

The sounds of the Bard; Karajan 25 years on; Indigenous uprising goes choral; Mussorgsky's musical gallery.
Starring 30 hot young classical properties, 'Our man in the Palace', a great ballet and Australia's musical philanthropists.
What was Elgar doing in a mental institution in the 1880s? Writing polkas and quadrilles, apparently!
The secrets of Shostakovich, Elgar's Asylum music, Dame Kiri's farewell plus Emma Ayres on a bike...
Carnegie Hall ensemble releases YouTube clip featuring mashup of 43 cartoon favourites.
Hear Guy Noble as you never have before in this preview of The Guy Noble Radio Show.
Montenegrin guitar star Miloš. Plus the 25 top European summer festivals worth travelling for.
Australia's leading coloratura talks about her new Mozart CD and how she gets to the top (and stays there).
Opera Australia's new Verdi tops the poll with Melbourne Theatre Company the other judges favourite.
He can play Richard Strauss on the trombone, but wishes he’d applied himself to more than retro-surf-bubblegum-pop.