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Since he picked up his father's synth and fell in love with music, the Russian's rise has been meteoric. How does he handle it all?
On the eve of his Australian tour, the controversial violinist talks about his greatest musical influences and standing up Yehudi.
Newly recovered and recorded, the composer whose life was cut short at the Somme is assuming his righful place.
German virtuoso thereminist Carolina Eyck made her debut with the Berlin Philharmonic at the age of 15 and never looked back.
What do you get when you place nuts and bolts on the keys of an organ (apart from a smack on the wrist from the organist)?
The Gandalf of the keys is headed for Oz, and Sydneysiders take note, the sorcerer of Continuous Music is seeking an apprentice.
The Finnish composer shocked many in the establishment when he embraced a popular mysticism with his musical angels.
From Hobart to Berlin, the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra Principal shares her hopes, inspirations and passions.
If you want to meet the man, says the British-Australian pianist, try really listening to his music.
The Russian virtuoso discusses the transcendent joys of Liszt and why it's important not to get carried away.