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Newly recovered and recorded, the composer whose life was cut short at the Somme is assuming his righful place.
The Finnish composer shocked many in the establishment when he embraced a popular mysticism with his musical angels.
The Canadian violinist reveals the importance of Elgar in his life and why Respighi isn't for the living room.
The Beaux Arts Trio pianist talks about getting a second chance, trios, surviving open-heart surgery and ditto Alma Mahler.
The 92-year-old pianist talks Fauré, Ravel, Nazi Germany and feeling the hand of God.
He’s complex, lengthy and often frustrating. But give Bruckner due attention and he has power to captivate like no one else.
Now he is thought of as an old Dutch master, but the former apostle of Marxist modernism would doubtless shy away from such titles.
Opera Australia's Artistic Director explains why art and music in our modern society are more important than ever.
The Melbourne-based percussionist has teamed up with engineer Richard Allen to create a new revolving instrument.
The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows will provide the music for this headily-scented hardy perennial.