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Visual Art

A new exhibition explores Warhol as a commercial artist before he became a pop icon.
There’s more to the respected Dutch city than canals, cannabis and scantily clad ladies.
Artist Director Rafael Bonachela discusses body image and the endless challenge of choreographing the nude.
The Schaubühne's Richard III and a Floating Palais headline an "every one's a winner" festival.
Meet the Melbourne Festival director who likes making a noise and a mess (as long as someone cleans it up afterwards).
The Australian artist, turning 80 this year, toyed with the idea of being a pianist until nerves got the better of him.
Explore Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera's musical love affair with mariachi, Benny Goodman and Carmen Miranda.
In the wake of Australian arts' Black Friday, Creative Consultant Caroline Sharpen shares her strategies.
Isn’t it way past time that everyone started singing from the same hymn sheet?
The Government seeks "innovation" to secure the country's economic future, but are they looking in the wrong place?