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Visual Art

Known for the bloody rituals of his avant-garde performances, the artist is also a composer inspired by Bach and Wagner.
The Marvel-ous exhibition will allow audiences in Brisbane to peak behind the screens.
A new biennial on contemporary art is showing at Carriageworks, the Art Gallery of NSW and the Museum of Contemporary Art.
Guido van Helten’s larger-then-life portraits are the flagship of an arts initiative that’s revitalising the town.
Most people are familiar with the self portraits, but it is the artist’s depictions of nature that provide a glimpse into his soul.
Never Tilt Your Chair comments musically on the labyrinth of rules regulating the use of cutlery at the table.
A new exhibition explores Warhol as a commercial artist before he became a pop icon.
There’s more to the respected Dutch city than canals, cannabis and scantily clad ladies.
Artist Director Rafael Bonachela discusses body image and the endless challenge of choreographing the nude.
The Schaubühne's Richard III and a Floating Palais headline an "every one's a winner" festival.