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Visual Art

Christopher Latham looks at the French impressionist's paintings and experiences during the First World War.
The NGV's exhibition features over 140 garments along with more than 50 accessories, sketches and photographs.
There's plenty of evidence to indicate engaging in the arts is beneficial to mental health, says Festival Director Jill Bennett.
Over 100 exhibitions, from David LaChapelle to selfies, train a lens on photography.
Pioneering artists Margaret Preston, Grace Cossington Smith and Georgia O’Keeffe explored remarkably similar ideas.
A forest made from recycled materials is part of an immersive musical experience for children at the Sydney Opera House.
The award-winning artist will recreate Hogarth’s The Enraged Musician to the sounds of the Australian Art Quartet.
Innovative science, ethical dilemmas and “Blood Type Tinder” – Blood: Attract & Repel explores the multiple facets of blood.
Known for the bloody rituals of his avant-garde performances, the artist is also a composer inspired by Bach and Wagner.
The Marvel-ous exhibition will allow audiences in Brisbane to peak behind the screens.