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Musical Theatre & Cabaret

Inside the sex and politics of the Weimar-era musical, from Isherwood's Berlin to the latest production at the Hayes.
The much-loved singer-songwriter talks about the ups and downs of writing and rewriting for the stage.
This particularly rapid unintelligible patter isn’t generally heard and if it is it doesn’t matter, matter, matter, matter...
Rachel Cole got some tips on niche, risk and making good art – from the horse's mouth itself.
From the greats like Washington and Lincoln to the murkier Nixons and Clintons, music has added spice to the White House.
The Schaubühne's Richard III and a Floating Palais headline an "every one's a winner" festival.
Meet the Melbourne Festival director who likes making a noise and a mess (as long as someone cleans it up afterwards).
At 12, he discovered he was Jimmy Barnes' son but his tastes swing towards Bobby Darin, who he is now playing on stage.
When it comes to bel canto, might a microphone or two might help it come over a little more ‘con belto’?
After success off-Broadway and in the UK, a rollicking Australian musical about Bill Clinton is opening in Perth.