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Graeme Murphy’s ‘Gum-Nutcracker’ celebrates the very history of ballet in Australia.
The Latvian violinist shares her favourite recordings and her most embarrassing moment on stage.
The Concertgebouw’s youngest concertmaster now heads both the New York and the Hong Kong Philharmonics.
Guido van Helten’s larger-then-life portraits are the flagship of an arts initiative that’s revitalising the town.
Keen for his instrument to boldly go where no oud has gone before, Joseph Tawadros has looked to Egypt for his new concerto.
Currently playing Richard III in Melbourne, the Australian actor's new play about the Russian mystic is showing in Sydney.
The Artistic Director of the Canberra International Music Festival describes the music born in the cauldrons of change.
He sometimes gets a rough ride in matters of musical craft but we underestimate the emotional eloquence of Bellini at our peril.
The SDC rising star discusses small towns, his inspiring Pre-Professional Year and how to handle boobs in your face.
The cellist talks about being an invader ahead of his performances at the Margaret River and Dunkeld Festivals.