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The One

The One

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There’s this happy couple. They’ve been together for years.

Whiskey & Boots, as a part of the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival, proudly present

Written and Directed by Jeffrey Jay Fowler

There’s this happy couple. They’ve been together for years.

They do things couples do; walk together, talk together, meander through IKEA, crosswords on Sunday mornings. One day he realises she’s THE ONE, so he gets down on one knee and proposes.

And she explodes; “Do you actually know what marriage is? It’s a way of turning women into property.”

And he gets her point… kind of… but he loves her, and surely she’ll come around? I mean, he’s seen The Taming of the Shrew. Some women just need more convincing than others.

Written by award-winner Jeffrey Jay Fowler and starring Georgia King and Mark Storen, THE ONE is a savage theatrical fever dream that takes the 'boy gets girl' cliché and impales it with marriage’s grim history. It's an angry guitar sitting under hissed words as the story of Him and Her breaks apart in front of you. Making it's Melbourne debut, THE ONE is a powerful new Australian work not to be missed.

WINNER - Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award - Fringe World 2017
WA WINNER - WA Arts Editor Award - Fringe World 2017
WINNER - Jeffrey Jay Fowler - Blaz Award for best new play
FINALIST - Martin Sims Award - Fringe World 2017

"Fluid, emotive and frequently very powerful" ★★★★ 1/2  - West Australian

"... beautiful wordplay... humour, intense honesty into the interplay of roles in a relationship... The One entertains as it holds a mirror to undiscussed parts of our lives." - Australian Stage

15 - 30 September, 2017
Tues - Sat 6:45pm, Sun 5:45pm
Tickets: $25 Full, $20 Concession and Grps 6+
Bookings: 03 9660 9666 and

Venue: Fringe Hub - North Melbourne Town Hall - 521 Queensberry St, North Melbourne 

On Sep 15
Sep 15, 2017 06:45 pm to Sep 30, 2017 06:45 pm