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★★★★☆ Complete Mozart survey adds incomplete opera to its tally.
★★★★½ Magnificently curated account of a great Australian century.
★★★★★ Kansas diva argues an eloquent case for making peace not war.

Lehár: Giuditta

Clive Paget - January 19, 2017
★★★★☆ Lehár's bittersweet late triumph becomes a hit for Munich Radio.
★★★★★ Less is more in another original take on the Creation myth.
★★★★★ Meyerbeer's suave French opera extracts impress and delight.
★★★★½ Glyndebourne's acclaimed Saul lives up to the hype and then some.

Verismo (Anna Netrebko)

Clive Paget - December 21, 2016
★★★½☆ Netrebko’s verismo is occasionally overcast but with sunny spells.
★★★☆☆ Woody’s witty production gets good cast but dull recording.
★★★★★ A charming Aussie children’s tale brought to life by Marks.