Berlin, Weill, Porter: Golden Age Songs (Raabe)

Oops, Max Raabe did it again in a German nostalgia fan’s dream.

Review: Barry Humphries Weimar cabaret
(ACO, Meow Meow)

Wunderbar! Feather boas and onstate orgasms in this tribute to the German jazz age.

What would Kurt Weill have made of Dame Edna?

Or why the music of heady, seedy Weimar Germany is one of my enduring passions.

Live Review: The Threepenny Opera (Berliner Ensemble)

Devil’s in the detail of this slick yet gritty production of Weill and Brecht’s anti-masterpiece.

The Threepenny Opera: Berliner Ensemble (Perth Festival)

Robert Wilson's grim, ghoulish production is Weill and Brecht's Weimar Germany like you've never seen it before.

Robert Wilson's Theatrical Universe

On making silent operas and how Einstein on the Beach was supposed to be about Hitler.

Top 12 great symphonies you probably haven't heard

Our critics unearth 12 symphonic masterworks overlooked by history.

Threepenny Opera to Underbelly:
"You call that a knife?"

Sydney Theatre Company takes Brecht's masterpiece down sleazy local backstreets.

WEILL Symphony No. 2; Concerto For Violin & Wind Orchestra; Seven Deadly Sins; Mahagonny Suite (various artists)

The major revelation here must surely be the Second Symphony, a lamentably neglected masterpiece of largely neo-classical writing played to perfection by Jansons and an orchestra whose comfort zone this repertoire would have been well outside only a few years earlier
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