The 10 Greatest Pieces of Music for Easter

Ten of the most inspiring works for Eastertide. Or what would Jesus have had on shuffle for Holy Week?

Art Music Awards 2014 now open

Nominations for the 2014 Art Music Awards are now open.

The 13 strangest composer deaths in classical music

On Friday the 13th we remember composers who met unusual ends, whether by conducting, pimple or foul play.

The 10 Greatest Gay Composers: Mardi Gras Special!

Who was hot and who was not in the LGBT world of classical music? These composers will float your mardi gras float!

Classical Music Mythbusters

Classical music abounds with juicy anecdotes – but how many of them are actually true?

Classical music improves concentration and social skills

New study unveils positive effects of classical music education in primary schools.

Sir Thomas Allen receives Queen's Medal

Operatic 'Billy Elliot' is officially recognised for his outstanding musical contribution to the UK.

World's biggest orchestra assembled in Brisbane

Queensland Music Festival sets new Guinness World Record.

Berkeley: Complete Music for violin and piano (Paling, Tenniswood-Harvey)

An Aussie and a Brit tackle a French-influenced Englishman.

What's the value of sacred music in a secular age?

Is sacred music past its sell-by? Religious leaders, musicians and non-believers share their views.

Aussies do it outdoors (classical music, that is...)

Voices in the Forest Director Chris Latham on the attraction of outdoor concerts.

Paul Nemeth: Music as Business

Fish Fine Music Director Paul Nemeth discusses the historical evolution of music retailing.

Aussie 11-year-old wins Sberbank International Music Competition

The prodigiously talented Shuan Hern Lee adds another international win to his résumé.

Brahms, Boccherini, Mendelssohn: Chamber Music (Schiff, Takács Quartet)

Top class chamber music at rock bottom price.

John Doyle: One man and his music

Of lounge-room recording studios, town bands in local kitchens and an early obsession with the bass clef.

Stanford: Sacred Choral Music (Winchester Cathedral Choir)

An Anglican celebration of choral wonder.

Sally Whitwell's singular quest for imperfection

From Glass to Nyman, the über-Gothic Princess of the Piano corsets-up to talk about her latest album.

ART Music Award Winners 2013 Announced

Brett Dean and George Dreyfus head the list of winners in a diverse cross-section of Australian arts talent.

Musicians judged on looks, not sound

New study finds our judgement of musical performances relies on our eyes, more than our ears.

Stanford, Parry: Sacred Music (King’s Consort choirs)

Period instruments in Stanford and Parry packs quite a punch.

JACK: Will the last one out please turn the lights back on?

The innovative American string quartet, with a penchant for performing in the dark, comes to Carriageworks.

British music through the ages

From medieval to modern-day: the Mother Land's secret music evolution uncovered.

Bill Henson – musical favourites & inspirations

The Australian photographer on shooting undercover at the Paris Opéra and undertaking a Mahler pilgrimage.

Can you Spotify classical music?

Spotify is changing how people experience their favourite music online. But is it useful for classical music fans?

Chamber music sans frontières comes to Oz

The finest chamber musicians in this corner of the world are about to descend on Melbourne – and here's why.

YouTube: the un-destruction of classical music

Despite the claims of Krystian Zimerman, Henry Norman reckons YouTube is a positive force for classical music.

Chaz Jenkins: From marketing raves to selling Ravel

The Universal Music Vice President with the interesting career path can see the future of classical music – and it’s digital.

Bill Henson: The music behind the lens

Shooting undercover at the Paris Opéra, a Mahler pilgrimage in the woods, and how I learned to spell Götterdämmerung.

Come Out, Come Out wherever you are…

South Australia has been spoiled at this year’s Come Out Festival, and it’s not just the kids who’ve had all the fun.

Bold programming doesn't have to mean new music

The record industry savours discoveries from the past – perhaps orchestras should try a bit of the same writes Andrew Mellor.

Happy birthday Dulcie Holland

Amidst the plethora of centenary celebrations, let’s not forget an Australian who touched the lives of thousands.

Don't just dream, let's shout Come Out!

South Australia's arts festival for young people is about to begin. But why is Adelaide keeping so quiet about it?

June issue of Limelight: Your essential guide to British music

The June issue focuses on the glorious musical tradition that is British music.

How long is a piece of music?

Conductor Mark Wigglesworth wonders if the experience of live music should live longer than the music itself?

Classic FM go to the movies

Wanted: the top 100 musical soundtracks or pieces of classical music used in films.

Syzygy: Destroying the Fourth Wall

The Melbourne-based new music ensemble is on a mission to make challenging and abstruse contemporary classical music accessible to all.

Greatest Music in War Films (ANZAC Day Special)

In an ANZAC Day special, we salute the 10 greatest war films of all time and the music that defined them.

Style vs Substance

Classical performers are increasingly concerned with their looks – but isn’t it supposed to be about the music?

Caroline Shaw wins Pulitzer Prize for Music

The youngest ever composer at age 30 wins for her experimental Partita for 8 Voices.

Where's the divide between "light" and "serious" music?

Mark Bebbington discusses his new recording of piano music by Reginald King, a forgotten master of light music.

Pop goes the Classics: The 10 Greatest Classical Covers

Rip-off or homage, here are ten of the greatest hits that pinched classical music in the name of pop.

Margaret Thatcher, Musical maverick?

Love her or hate her, Margaret Thatcher had an undeniable effect on British music and turned out to be rather a fan of the classics.

Skin-deep classical music: tattoos of composers & singers

Classical music made flesh, from classically-trained Kat Von D's Beethoven portrait to Zombie Mozart.

Contemporary Music: Why no one's listening

Ever wondered why many new music concerts are so poorly attended? Maybe it’s because the music has no fans.

Warner to buy the Parlophone Label Group

EMI Classics and Virgin Classics are part of the package.

Paul Dyer named Officer of the Order of Australia

Australian Brandenburg Orchestra founding director gets royal nod in the Queen's honours list.

Every child needs music: Richard Gill still arguing 50 years on

Music education does not just make children more musical; it unleashes their creative powers.

Pianist, author and musicologist Charles Rosen has died

The renaissance man published major studies of classical music but was unjustly overlooked as pianist.

The Top 10 Alleluias in Classical Music

Never mind the Hallelujah chorus; there are plenty of sublime examples in classical music.

Unique Forms of Continuity in Space: a young composers' fest

“Australia is an exciting tabula rasa for fresh musical creativity”, says young composers' festival director.
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