Pop-up concert in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Orchestra rallies a pop-up success story after Carnegie cancellation.

Long live the Proms

Put your hands together for the BBC Proms, the grand old classical music party that defines a nation.

Musical Briefing: Concert Etiquette

When to clap, why to clap, when to boo, what to do if you can’t stop coughing... We answer some of the most common questions.

Genre-bending Melbourne Festival line-up for 2012

Brett Sheehy to end his collaboration with the Melbourne Festival after a four year tenure as Artistic Director

How does the new Hamer Hall sound? ACO gives the first verdict

Do the musicians think the Melbourne Arts Centre's $128.5 million renovation was worth it?

Sydney Opera House “biggest loser” in survey

Australia’s cultural icon has the worst acoustics of all the country’s major classical music venues.
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