Not Suitable For Children (Ryan Kwanten, Ryan Corr, Sarah Snook)

Charmingly skewed Aussie rom-com looks to be a hit.

The ticking of a woman’s biological clock has made for much cinematic mirth, but what of a man’s? True Blood heartthrob Ryan Kwanten returns to Australia and proves himself man enough for the job in Peter Templeton’s charming urban romantic comedy. 

The effortlessly likable Kwanten looks only marginally too old to play 20-something Jonah – a feckless orphan who joins forces with his flatmates (Ryan Corr and Sarah Snook) to make a buck throwing house parties in the old family home. But when a medical diagnosis sets a 30-day timer on Jonah’s fertility, the once laid-back lad finds himself motivated by a major case of cluckiness. 

Set amongst Sydney’s beautifully lensed Inner West, Not Suitable for Children is a heartily welcome sex comedy with a few sneaky surprises. One is Sarah Snook, who winds up running away with the film as Jonah’s flatmate-turned-pimp (of sorts). In fact Snook displays such an easy wit and charisma that she could well be hailed as an Aussie Emma Stone. Kwanten is understated by comparison, as is much of the humour, with screenwriter Michael Lucas (Offspring) opting for character-driven over broad or gross-out comedy. The results are amusing if not laugh-out-loud; a solid feature debut for Oscar-nominated Templeton. 

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This article appeared in the July, 2012 issue of Limelight Magazine.

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Not Suitable For Children (Ryan Kwanten, Ryan Corr, Sarah Snook)
4 out of 5
Opens: July 5
Genre: Comedy
Running time: 91 minutes
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