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Asturias: The Spirit of Spain (guitars: Timothy Kain, Minh Le Hoang, Daniel McKay, Stephen Poskitt)

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Asturias: The Spirit of Spain
Daniel McKay, Timothy Kain, Minh Le Hoang, Stephen Poskitt
ABC 476 3389

by Ken Page on January 19, 2011 (January 19, 2011) filed under | Comment Now
De Falla, Turina and Piazzolla are three of the Spanish-style composers represented here, as Guitar Trek do the inevitable and turn their plectra to face in the direction of spiritual home, the place where so much guitar music came from.

Some of the ten individual pieces of music here are instantly familiar, but enough of them are not to make this a more interesting set than it might otherwise be. It is not a CD of surprises, but it is another hour of this ensemble performing in the way that has made them very popular.

The acoustic guitar is far from being everyone’s cup of tea, but that is more a reflection on how it handles music than any failing on the part of those who strum. Here are four who do it about as well as it can be done, and it is hard to see how Guitar Trek could do more than they already do, or do it better.

They have extended the domain of the acoustic guitar to the point where there can be little to add to the repertoire, barring some entirely unexpected turn in the evolution of the instrument, or some new brainwave occurring to Kain and friends. If you share their special interest, this CD will certainly be a rewarding addition to your collection.