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The story of opera from its origins in the Italian Baroque to the singular vision of Wagner and beyond.
| Nov 24
Classical music's finest moustaches throughout the ages!
| Nov 24
A controversial new production puts the master composer in chains.
| Nov 21
These 12 games demonstrate why music for Xbox has bested the Hollywood film score.
| Nov 17
The magazine pays tribute to Joan Sutherland a year after her death.
| Nov 16
La Stupenda's spectacular original costumes are on display in London's Royal Opera House.
| Nov 15
With YouTube and reality TV plucking child prodigies out of obscurity, are kids today finding fame too young?
| Nov 10
The Duchess of Cambridge and her father-in-law have been enjoying performances at Covent Garden.
| Nov 09
Choral adventurer Paul Hillier brings Australian music to international attention.
| Nov 09
How the Australian landscape fired the imagination of Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür.
| Nov 07
We asked budding music writers at the Sydney Conservatorium to review a new Australian classical CD.
| Nov 03
The artistic director of Opera Australia on why the artform needs to adapt and reach out to survive.
| Nov 03
A musician sets out to play Bach in the highest-altitude performance ever given on land.
| Nov 03
<i>Metropolis</i>: The complete film with original score<br /> Sydney Symphony/Frank Strobel<br /> Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House, October 29
| Oct 31
Celebrate Halloween in macabre style with these bone-chilling masterpieces!
| Oct 27
Meet the winner and finalists from the <i>Limelight</i> singing competition!
| Oct 26
On Liszt's 200th birthday, Leslie Howard proves the composer-pianist was no empty showman.
| Oct 21
The violinist has been criticised by human rights groups for performing at Kadyrov's birthday gala.
| Oct 19
The November magazine celebrates the milestone with 100 classical CDs and the chance to win them all!
| Oct 19


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