Audience Profile

Audience Profile*

• Educated, passionate, discerning and well informed

• High consumers of music, theatre, ballet and art

• Loyal - over 50% of Limelight readers subscribe

• Influential - Over 50% of readers share Limelight with at least one other person

• Interested - 59% use Limelight as their sole reference for upcoming performances

• Responsive - over 74% of readers have responded to advertising within Limelight magazine

• 86% of readers are aged 45+


Active Participants

• 75% of readers' number one interest is classical music

• Opera is the second highest interest after classical music

• 70% attend a classical music concerts at least once a quarter

• 37% attend the cinema at least once a month


Purchasing Habits

• 38% of readers buy one CD a month

• 56% of readers purchase tickets online

• 38% intend to purchase audio visual equipment in the next 12 months

• Over 90% donate to charity



• 71% of Limelight readers do not read the Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum

• 82% do not read the Melbourne Age A2

*Venus Research Dec 2009


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