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Branco Gaica - Jul 28, 2016
★★★½☆ Glorious music-making carries the day despite a clunky plot and static staging.<br> <a href="">Click here to read our review</a>.<br> Photographs by Branco Gaica.
Brett Boardman - Jul 27, 2016
★★★★☆ A deliciously staged comedy filled with laughter yet laced with melancholy.<br /> <a href="">Click here to read our review</a><br /> Photographs by Brett Boardman.
Prudence Upton - Jul 20, 2016
★★★★½ A beautiful production where gentle comedy makes way for profound sadness.<br /> <a href="ì-fan-tutte-opera-australia">Click here to read our review</a><br /> Photographs by Prudence Upton.
Jeff Busby - May 6, 2016
"This pungently manured Little Shop is well worth breaking open your piggybank to see." Clive Paget, February 2016. Photography by Jeff Busby.
Catherine Ashmore - Jan 16, 2016
See the Royal Opera House's 'Cavalleria Rusticana & Pagliacci' at Palace Cinemas, January 22-27.
David Kelly - Oct 29, 2015
The crown jewel in its season of fairy tale ballets, Queensland Ballet’s The Sleeping Beauty presents a magical take on the well-worn classic, while respecting tradition.
- Aug 21, 2015
"Tim Minchin and Dennis Kelly’s blockbusting adaptation of Roald Dahl’s cherished children’s book Matilda demonstrates that the art of creating intelligent, well crafted, elating musicals that leave the brain fizzing, the heart pounding and the face aching from uncontrollable grinning is far from dead." Maxim Boon, Limelight Magazine<br> Photography by James Morgan.
Lisa Tomasetti - Aug 10, 2015
Photography by Lisa Tomasetti.
Prudence Upton - Aug 6, 2015
Photography by Prudence Upton.