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Transient Beauty at the Restrung Festival

Transient Beauty at the Restrung Festival

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Join nine diverse performers in a striking fusion of music and dance as they find fragments of beauty in everyday experiences.

Confrontation as a catalyst for change is the theme explored by choreographer Gareth Belling in his powerful collaboration with Collusion Musical Arts Australia.Set within the stark frame of a house, the work uncovers wounded hearts filled with hope amid the strewn remnants of consumerism.

From the opening sequence, Belling’s muscular and fluid choreography creates a striking image of mankind’s desperate yearning for connection and belonging. Inspired by, and also building on, cutting edge advances in dance in Zurich and Vienna, this work must be seen.

Duration: 60mins
Choreography: Gareth Belling Collusion Music: Diana Tolmie, Danielle Bentley, Brieley Cutting & Benjamin Greaves 

Dancers: Rachael Walsh, Janette Mulligan, Melissa Tattam & Gareth Belling 

Original Sound Design/Composition: Susan Hawkins

Additional Music: Nigel Sabin, Carl Vine, Thomas Green 

Set and Costume Design: Libby McDonnell

Transition Sequence “opens with a striking image of them writhing and tangling as if being born. In the space of 20 minutes they will group and re-group… individuals and couples asserting themselves with clean, vivid, dynamic physicality.” Deborah Jones - The Australian 

From Darkness “This is a departure in style for Belling, showing he has a good grasp of dramatic expression through movement that, here, leaps between that of anguished restraint and the violently explosive.” Denise Richardson - Dance Australia 

Refraction "How the human form can depict musical notes purely by movement is magic indeed... Dramatic punctuation by the physical form (are these dancers real or elastic??) is so highly tuned that a deaf person could literally ?hear? the music from their moving portrayal."  Arts Hub.

On Oct 26
Oct 26, 2012 08:30 am to Oct 27, 2012 09:30 am