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EROS: Music by Ilario Colli

EROS: Music by Ilario Colli

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Callaway Auditorium, UWA School of Music


As the cliché goes, sex is everywhere. It fills gossip columns, entertains idle housewives,
maddens celibate clergymen, and sells everything from sports cars to shower caps. Yet, it seems curiously absent from our concert halls. Take a glance at a typical concert program – chamber or symphonic – and you’ll find odes to brotherhood, children, nightingales and daffodils, yet where is this most fundamental of human acts? And why is so-called “classical” music so far behind all the other arts in this respect? Think of the no-bullshit treatment of sex in theatre, film and literature, and you’ll be forgiven for considering classical music
old-fashioned and prudish.

I attempt to set this sexophobic neurosis right with my new piece, EROS, which you can see as either a musically enriched theatre piece or a highly theatrical piece of music (depending on where you sit in the auditorium). Filled with groans and moans of ecstasy, languid melodic lines, dirty sex talk and raunchy poetry by acclaimed local poet Scott-Patrick Mitchell, EROS is an unapologetically brutal and explicit – yet not entirely uncomical – take on sex and its place in our lives and society.

The program also presents other pieces I’ve churned out over the years, including incidental
music for the absurdist play Rhinocéros, a set of solo piano pieces and Answer Me, an emotionally charged and touching meditation on faith for unaccompanied choir.

EROS might thrill or appal you, but it certainly won’t leave you unmoved. Just don’t wear tight jeans, chose carefully whom you sit next to, and don’t bring your mother – unless she brings you.


Music: Ilario Colli

Direction: Nicholas Bannan, Lochlan Brown
Poetry: Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Piano: Yiannis Maxwell

With many of Perth’s most talented young vocalists and instrumentalists.

On Sep 9
Sep 9, 2012 08:00 pm to Sep 9, 2012 09:00 pm
Winthrop Ave Postcode not specified,