The Beatles Unplugged

Sydney Philharmonia Choirs


50 years since the Fab Four got together: now there’s an anniversary we couldn’t let slip away! They’re the best-known songs in the world – maybe even the universe, ever since NASA beamed one out into space a few years ago – and it’s high time they took over the concert hall too. So we’ve invited two of our favourite young composers, who also happen to be two of The Beatles’ biggest fans, to create a special evening of classic Beatles hits for the virtuoso voices of our own Chamber Singers. Strike up a new friendship with some old Beatles friends!

Their songs opened up new worlds of pop music: the irrepressible optimism of She Loves You and I Want to Hold Your Hand, the gentle nostalgia of Michelle, rock ballads like While My Guitar Gently Weeps, hard rock with Helter Skelter and Come Together, the lovable fun of Yellow Submarine and Octopus’ Garden, psychedelic fantasies like Strawberry Fields Forever, microphones on microphones creating the rich, multi-layered textures of Sgt. Pepper, Western classical instruments (from Yesterdays string quartet to a symphony orchestra in A Day in the Life), Indian classical instruments (the sitar in Norwegian Wood)… In the words of music historian Michael Campbell, they were “more sophisticated than pop, more accessible and down to earth than pop” – but always truly, proudly popular: then, now and forever.

Created by Sally Whitwell & Daniel Walker
Rob Mills & Bobby Fox – Artists
Sydney Philharmonia Chamber Singers – Choir

Venue Information:

Past Venues:

City Recital Hall
Aug 24, 2012  to  Aug 25, 2012
Angel Place, Sydney
Sydney: City & inner suburbs, New South Wales, Australia
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