TaikOz presents Crimson Sky

TaikOz presents a one-night-only performance of Crimson Sky, featuring special guest artist Satsuki Odamura.

TaikOz presents Crimson Sky
When: 7.30PM Friday, 30 March
Where: City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney: City & inner suburbs (NSW), New South Wales
Web: http://taikoz.com/TaikOz/Performances.aspx
Phone: (02) 8256 2222
Tickets: http://tickets.cityrecitalhall.com/single/psDetail.aspx?psn=295
Prices: $45 - $75

Based on a haiku by Japanese poet Miura Yuzuru, Toward The Crimson Sky has been written by TaikOz Artistic Director Ian Cleworth, evoking the poem's sensual, dramatic and often playful imagery of a cloud of dragonflies ascending into a deep red sky.

The thunderous drumming of the taiko is interwoven with the hypnotic melodies of the shakuhuchi and shinobue bamboo flutes, voice and a rare performance on the bass koto, a traditional Japanese 17-stringed plucked instrument to be played by special guest artist Satsuki Odamura.

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