Kobborg and Cojocaru: The 'other' Royals are coming

Australian Ballet's Manon proves there's more than just Wills and Kate for Sydney to look forward to.

May Issue of Limelight: Seven Wonders of Shostakovich

The secrets of Shostakovich, Elgar's Asylum music, Dame Kiri's farewell plus Emma Ayres on a bike...

Concert review: Little Match Girl Passion (Song Company)

Powerful passions run deep in Roland Peelman’s Eastertide offerings.

Jenny Liu makes Opera Australia debut

The talented 24-year-old was picked for The King and I while still at Sydney Con. So is she ready for the spotlight?

Concert review: Beethoven's Fifth (Tasmanian SO)

Equal respect given to composers old and new, from a variety of genres and nations, in a remarkable orchestral performance.

John Luther Adams wins Pulitzer Prize for Music

Seattle Symphony commission leads to Pulitzer win for Alaskan composer.

The 10 Greatest Losses to Classical Music

They died (relatively) young and stayed (relatively) pretty. So who were classical music's biggest losers?

Miloš: the new face of classical guitar

The Montenegrin musician who is conquering the world (and the charts) with an Aussie instrument.

Beyond the manuscript: the secret life of composers

"Composers Doing Normal Shit" on Tumblr has caused an Internet frenzy, highlighting the normality (and craziness) of musical lives.

Yuja Wang: Managing the piano, conductors and the laundry

The 27-year-old Chinese piano star talks about her influences, standing in for Argerich and doing her own laundry.

The 10 Greatest Pieces of Music for Easter

Ten of the most inspiring works for Eastertide. Or what would Jesus have had on shuffle for Holy Week?

Jordi Savall: Sounding the Ram's Horn

How did viol guru Jordi Savall find himself attempting to reproduce the 3,000-year old musical history of Jerusalem?
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Concert review: Little Match Girl Passion (Song Company)

Powerful passions run deep in Roland Peelman’s Eastertide offerings.

Musical review: Strictly Ballroom (Baz Luhrmann, Global Creatures)

It may only take two to tango, but it takes more than that to make a great musical.

Concert review: Haydn & Italian Cello (ACO, Tognetti, Sollima)

Italian cellist plays, dances and sings while taking us (and his instrument) on a whistle-stop tour.
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Review of the Week

CPE Bach: Württenmberg Sonatas (Esfahani)

Harpsichord master takes us on a remarkable keyboard adventure

Shostakovich: Symphonies No. 1 & 15 (Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra/Wigglesworth)

Shostakovich's symphonic alpha and omega from BIS

Prokofiev: Piano Concerto No. 3; Symphony No. 5 (Matsuev, Mariinsky Orchestra/Gergiev)

Russian bears do excitement at the expense of the character

Dvořák, Smetana, Suk: Piano Trios (Sitkovetsky Trio)

An Australian bound, gifted Brit threesome shows its Czech mettle

Bach: St. John Passion (Academy of Ancient Music/Egarr)

An enlightened resurrection of Bach's original St. John Passion

Wagner: Arias (Rutherford, Bergen Philharmonic/Litton)

Young Brit joins new generation of eminent Wagnerians
Music matters more than many think

Music matters more than many think

Australian schools are foundering for want of music budgets. What's to be done?
It's All About The Audience

It's All About The Audience

A good house can turn a damp picnic into a musical BBQ, but a really good one can trigger a raging bushfire
To Musical Infinity and Beyond

To Musical Infinity and Beyond

Or how enlightened sponsorship in regional Queensland can transport a bus driver to a distant world
The Empress of Pleasure

The Empress of Pleasure

How Mrs Cornelys started the 'Swinging 1760s' and the 18th century London Underground
Bach beats Big Brother... Anytime

Bach beats Big Brother... Anytime

What the world needs now is a second Enlightenment, not more inane reality TV or empty political soundbites.
Perth Festival 2014 looks like a hit in the making

Perth Festival 2014 looks like a hit in the making

Getting bearings, keeping cool and talking classical music chalk and cheese.
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