Competition Winners

7 Sopranos Tickets

Georgia Burke, VIC

Jodie Drummond, VIC

Donna Burke, VIC

March Madness: Orchestral CD Giveaway

Les Aisen, VIC

George Bostock, QLD

Patrick Caruana, VIC

Jimmy Gardiner, TAS

Robin Gardiner, TAS

Chris Grylls, VIC

Australian String Quartet: Continuum

Don Barrett, QLD

Hans Versluis, WA

Michael Hamel-Green, VIC

Dorothy Farmer, SA

Kathy Cocks, NSW

Sally Whitwell's All Imperfect Things 

Robyn Carmichael, VIC

Nicola James, QLD

Abby Lee, WA

The Decca Sound Box

Douglas McRae, QLD

The Past Tickets

Kirsty Waring, VIC

Liz Taylor, NSW

Angie Stacy, WA

Fi Rayns, ACT

Susan Herbert, VIC

Karen Green, VIC

John Friedman, NSW

Dorothy Farmer, SA

Barbara Ebes, VIC

Falon Downing, NT

Frederika De Wilde, NSW

Tanya Cupper, NSW

Kathy Cocks, NSW

Vania Chan, NSW

Les Aisen, VIC

Piano Masterworks Boxes

Paul Ballam-Cross, QLD

Don Barrett, QLD

Gerr Eppinger, QLD

Daniel Kovacs, VIC

Stephanie Leung, NSW

Louis Vella, NSW

Dido and Aeneas Tickets

Ellison Luk, NSW

Solti Ring Remastered

Cheryl McKibbin, SA

Royal Concertgebouw Tickets

Dirk Bowen-Rotsaert, QLD

Patsy Harmsen, TAS

Graham Eades, NSW

Claire Stokes, WA

Great Wagner on Eloquence

Peter McCloy  NSW

Complete Wagner Operas

Louise Williams  VIC

Levine Ring Cycle DVDs

James Alker  VIC

Thielemann Ring Cycle CDs

Margaret Hollis  NSW

Piotr Beczala CDs

Mrs McKibbin    SA
Ms Downing,     NT
Mr Baskerville   NSW
Ms Malinka         VIC
Ms Herzog          ACT
Mr Sounness     ACT
Ms Cocks             NSW
Ms Breese          VIC
Mr Golvan           VIC

Nixon in China

K. Novatus
D. Forrest
S. Breese
E. Burke
k. Waring

Pearl Fishers - Great Opera Duets

J. Swinbourne
C. O'Reilly
L. Schekoske
R. Boyle
R. Gestier
H. Robinson
T. Chiu
S. Trevarthen
C. Grylls
G. Campain

Life in Movement

V. Chan
R. Pose
R. Lee
S. Sounness
J. Stade
S. Swinbourne
E. Morgan
J. Kay
A. Melrose
C. Burke


Daniel Barenboim's Beethoven For All CD!

M. Skinner
T. Buckett
D. Gee
L. Holmes
H. Robinson
D. Farmer
S. Trevarthen
A. Burton
B. Strohfeldt
K. Cooper


Lipsynch at the State Theatre in Melbourne!

J. Brownrigg
S. Smith
N. Weir
D. Burke
C. Burke


Double A-Reserve pass Qatsi Trilogy!

P. Ballam-Cross


A Chorus Line - Double-pass

N. Payne - NSW
V. Giles-Cook - NSW
R. Murray - NSW


Latino! -Milos Karadaglic - CD

S. Souness - ACT
L. Schekoske - QLD
M. Hardy - QLD
A. Burton - SA
C. Burke - VIC
I. Versluis - WA
B. Dubowitz - VIC
L. Toms - NSW
V. Falkland - VIC
O. Berckmans -NSW


The Good, The Bad &The Awkward - Sally Whitwell - CD

R. Macdonald - TAS
T. Carr - VIC
P. Caruana - VIC
L. Hynson - WA
K. McDuff - QLD
A. Hoffmann - SA
P. Ballam-Cross - QLD
A. Melrose - NSW
L. Holmes - NSW
J. Wilson - VIC


In Search for Haydn - DVD

D. Kovacs, VIC
P. Townend, NSW
A. Pang, VIC
I. Mazukov, TAS
B. Strohfeldt, QLD
A. Cadell, QLD
C. Harker, NSW
A. Ngu, QLD
K. Gosbell, VIC
M. Alexander, SA


SEP issue - Classical Quiz

A.Lorenz, ACT
R. Out, WA
R. Danillon, QLD
F. Rooney, VIC


AUGUST issue - Me & Orson Welles passes

J. Nader, QLD
J. Alanthwaite, NSW
M. Potter, VIC
K. Waring, VIC
M. Steinberger, NSW
L. Nascimento, NSW
M. Pohnetalova, NSW
J. Harlow, QLD
C. McKibbin, SA
J. Frick, SA


APRIL issue - Verdi CD

C. Dyson WA
E. Knewstubb WA
E. Donald NSW
A. Perkins NSW
P. Day WA
J. Khoury NSW
D. Brooks NT
P. Lewis NSW
J. McIntyre NSW
R. Jack VIC


MAR issue - Ballet CD

C. Grollinus NSW
P. Day WA
M. Rooney VIC
W. Blilgg VIC
M. Powley QLD
J. McKay QLD
P. Lewis NSW
S. Heeney QLD
V. Mavros VIC
H. Smith TAS



A.Rimmington, SA
T.Grant, SA
P.Moncrieff, VIC
A.McFarlane, SA
A.Dutton, SA
K.Wilmot, TAS
J.Mattner, SA
A.McGee, TAS
B.Freeman, SA
S.Wellesley, TAS
D.Howard, VIC
E.Kennedy, SA
I.Hodgson, SA
J.Wells, SA
J.Ward, SA
I.Pearce, VIC
R.Henderson, ACT
I.Coward, NSW
P.Wockner, NSW
D.Higgins, QLD
S.Gallinagh, WA
S.Harford, SA
L.Muirhead, QLD
A.McLean, VIC
F.Walder, NSW
J.Wecker, QLD
S.Anderson, NSW
J.Steinberg, QLD
M.Grubb, NSW
S.Lea, QLD
G.Armstrong, WA
A.Stuart, NSW
J.Robinson, ACT
E.O'Keefe, VIC
M.Brickhill, VIC
V.Jourdan, VIC
S.Ball, WA
M.Barbe, NSW
Q.O'Keefe, VIC
D.Bolton, VIC
B.Beasley, NSW
S.Hiscoe, NSW
M.Harney, VIC
G.Newstead, NSW
D.Miller, SA
M.Duff, ACT
D.Griffiths, VIC
H.Frohlich, VIC
J.Rayner, NSW
J.Levine, VIC


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