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Speaker of the House

The final links in the chain in your home hi-fi set-up are the speakers. Read on to find out which of these shiny pieces of kit will do your system justice.

Next-Gen Blu-Ray

The latest Blu-ray players are packed with an ever-expanding array of features, but as our group test shows, performance is still king.

DACs Duke It Out

While it may not be the obvious star of your hi-fi set-up, a decent digital-to-analogue converter can transform the sound of your digital music collection.

The Ultimate iPOD Dock Test

Get seriously good sound from your portable with a dock – whether your budget is large or small, there's something out there for you.

Noise-Cancelling Headsets

Escape the hubbub and enjoy unadultered music wherever you go with a pair of these noise-cancelling cans

Micro Systems

Hi-fi technology has moved fast, and now versatile micro-systems have the latest streaming abilities too.

Style Speaker Packages

Blend the décor of your living room with the picture-rattling punch of cinematic quality.

Ten Budget Earbuds

Earbuds to significantly improve your audio experience without a hefty price tag.

Ten Budget MP3 Players

Tiny, sleek portables for those on a budget.

Floorstanding Speakers

Compact floorstanders offering the same scale performance as their bulky counterparts.

All-in-one music systems

Simple and sweet: in the age of convenience, all-in-ones provide an easy answer - now they sound great, too.

Best of Blu-Ray

If you want full-on HD thrills without cluttering your living room up with speakers, these 2.1 home cinema Blu-ray systems are the go.

Internet Radios

Forget static – invest in an Internet radio and a whole world of music is yours.
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