Light Classics Reviews

LLOYD WEBBER Music (Bryn Terfel, André Rieu, Sarah Brightman et al)

Lost without words: the singing's great, the instrumentals are not.

Black Swan: original motion picture soundtrack (Clint Mansell)

This dark score is Swan Lake seen through a glass darkly.

Modern Folk (trumpet: Vince Jones)

Australian jazz singer and trumpeter Vince Jones has one of those perplexing voices whose weaknesses are also its strengths.


Aston are a group of Sydney Con kids who, when teetering on the abyss of penury that faces many music graduates, decided to take matters into their own hands.

From the Heart (mezzo: Katherine Jenkins)

Classical crossover must have the smallest canon of any musical genre.

MANTOVANI The Magic of Mantovani

More than thirty years after his death, conductor Annunzio Paulo Mantovani makes a return to the Australian charts with this 40-track retrospective.

The Great Tenor Songbook (tenor: Mark Vincent)

The popera albums of teen tenor Mark Vincent have been topping the ARIA charts for about a year, without getting much serious attention from anyone but his fans.

Voices (Chant from Avignon)

The most interesting thing about this disc may be the backstory: how a secluded order of Benedictine nuns from Avignon won a worldwide search (a sort of Nun Idol) to find the finest female singers of Gregorian Chant.

Chances (singer: Jill Barber)

There is a brand of late 1950s music that doesn’t have quite enough charm for anyone to get nostalgic about.

Officium Novum (sop saxophone: Jan Garbarek; The Hilliard Ensemble)

Garbarek and the Hilliard repeat their hit formula.

Fibonacci's Seam (singer: Anikiko)

Anikiko is the moniker of Ani Neradilkova, a Sydney songwriter who can fuse words and melody with that magical ease desired by many, but given to few.

Die Welt ist Operette! (soprano: Gabrielle Heidelberger, baritone: Armin Kolarczyk; Donau Philharmonie Wien/Müssauer)

The Donau Philharmonie Wien is a new orchestra committed to propagating operetta, a genre subjected to “decades of misinterpretation and contempt from critics”, says the liner note.

CHRISTOPHER GUNNING Film and TV Music (BBC Philharmonic / Gamba)

Christopher Gunning is a British composer whose music is perhaps best known in Australia through the ABC TV show Poirot.

Pieces in a Modern Style 2 (William Orbit)

When he’s not churning out hits for Madonna, producer William Orbit creates these amuse-bouches of electronically remixed classical.

Always and Forever (soprano: Mirusia)

I've always thought the legend of the Flying Dutchman might have been dreamed up to describe violinist André Rieu (a macabre stranger who travels the world bringing doom wherever he goes).
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