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Directing TaikOz

Artistic Director of TaikOz Ian Cleworth discusses the ensemble's latest project 'pulse:heart:beat'.

July issue of Limelight: Maria Callas – The Ultimate Diva

A look at opera singers old and new, from Callas to Kaufmann, with more than a side glance at Shostakovich and Salieri.

When Fran met Baz

ABC’s Fran Kelly gets it warts and all from the director of The Great Gatsby.

Julie Andrews to tour Australia

The legendary performer will appear on stage with an old pal from the Sound of Music.

June issue of Limelight: Your essential guide to British music

The June issue focuses on the glorious musical tradition that is British music.

Classic FM go to the movies

Wanted: the top 100 musical soundtracks or pieces of classical music used in films.

Deanna Durbin has died

Hollywood legend and one of the first crossover stars passes away at 91.

Singing Life of Pi: Bombay Jayashri's high Cs on the high seas

The voice behind Ang Lee’s blockbuster brings Indian classical music to the Sydney Opera House.

May issue of Limelight: Stravinsky's Rite of Spring turns 100

The new issue reveals how Stravinsky’s controversial yet hugely influential masterpiece changed the world.

Conductor, pianist and arranger Tommy Tycho has died

Influential and much loved award winning arranger of Advance Australia Fair passes away at the age of 84.

Landfill Harmonic: Great orchestra, rubbish instruments

An upcoming documentary film features a remarkable orchestra from Paraguay where young musicians play instruments made from rubbish.

“Creative Australia” puts art at the heart of the nation

Arts community broadly welcomes National Cultural Policy initiatives – plus a stack of cash.

Live Review 2001: A Space Odyssey (Sydney Symphony)

Stellar performance: this powerful orchestral odyssey does Kubrick’s genius justice.

Five Questions for Sydney Festival director Lieven Bertels

The dutchman has given Sydney Festival an injection of classical music. But can he still break even at the box office?

A Quartet of fakers: Pauline Collins' lip-synching opera singer

British actress Pauline Collins pays lip service to Verdi in Dustin Hoffman's new film Quartet.

Limelight Awards: 2012 Winners Announced!

The cream of the classical music crop, as chosen by Limelight readers in 2012.

The role of the ABC in Australian culture

ABC Chairman James Spigelman AC QC addressed the 30th anniversary of Conversazione in Melbourne.

YouTube spoof sensations The Piano Guys sign to Sony

Sending up Star Wars, The Bourne Identity and Coldplay has landed the goofy duo a record deal.

Tan Dun: composing is Zen; conducting is like tai chi

For the Chinese film composer, synchronising sound and image is a form of martial arts.

The music of Jaws: an interview with John Williams

The legendary film composer on how two simple notes have terrified millions of moviegoers.
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