Music matters more than many think

Australian schools are foundering for want of music budgets. What's to be done?

It's All About The Audience

A good house can turn a damp picnic into a musical BBQ, but a really good one can trigger a raging bushfire

To Musical Infinity and Beyond

Or how enlightened sponsorship in regional Queensland can transport a bus driver to a distant world

The Empress of Pleasure

How Mrs Cornelys started the 'Swinging 1760s' and the 18th century London Underground

Bach beats Big Brother... Anytime

What the world needs now is a second Enlightenment, not more inane reality TV or empty political soundbites.

Perth Festival 2014 looks like a hit in the making

Getting bearings, keeping cool and talking classical music chalk and cheese.

Off with the Pixels

Would classical music flourish if we got rid of the Internet altogether?

Huntington 2013 looks set to be a vintage year

A chamber music festival in a winery? Two weaknesses catered for at once – but wait – there’s food too!

Romancing the stone (or at least, the rock)

Australia's youngest symphony orchestra play the first ever concert at Australia's oldest venue: the mighty Ayers Rock.

Electrify Your Strings!

What happens when American electric violinist Mark Wood comes to St Leonard's College? Head of Strings Benjamin Hooper reveals all.

A student's perspective

Katie Yap, a young violist currently studying at Australian National Academy of Music (ANAM) on being chosen for the 2013 AWO Academy.

A Tempo of One's Own

Much like music, life has a tempo all of its own. But how do you get it right?

Goodbye Paris, hello London

Back on Terra Australis, here's a catch up on the last leg of the tour and what it's like to sing in St Pauls.

Edinburgh adventures

Inspirational study in Edinburgh is the flautist's equivalent of doing a highland fling.

Ascham School Violin Masterclass

In May, Australian World Orchestra violinist Monica Naselow visited Ascham School in Sydney for a series of masterclasses with Ascham pupils.

Internet Killed The Radio Star

Is radio still relevant in the digital revolution, or will Classic FM presenters soon be out of a job?

MSO Education Week

On working with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and community musicians in Education Week.

Festival fun in France

The choir enjoys some cross-cultural collaboration at the Polyfollia Festival in Normandy.

Lyon – concerts and travel

Farewelling Barcelona, the choir arrives in Lyon and is greeted by new adventures.

Dundee & the Scottish Chamber Orchestra

Reuniting with Alison Mitchell and seeing the Scottish Chamber Orchestra perform.
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