Holy G&S! Hillsong parody makes the executioner's list

Last week's Gilbert & Sullivan lampoon has provoked the ire of Australia's most powerful mega-church.

Lyricist W S Gilbert died in 1911 and I think it is simply splendid that he and his music collaborator Sir Arthur Sullivan are still able to make it to the news pages one hundred years later.

I was the conductor of The Very Best of G&S with the Sydney Symphony and loved every minute of Stuart Maunder's wonderful, jocular list of irritants in Ko-Ko's updated song from The Mikado. I fully expect that Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Clover Moore, Justin Bieber's dermatologist, lovers of the music of Brahms, any aunty who has a moustache, anyone with a mobile phone, Westfield and all the others who made it to the list will follow Hillsong Church's lead and send letters demanding legal clarification.

This is not even a storm in a teacup; we're talking a babycino cyclone here, a tiny waterspout in a Barbie-sized tea set. "That Hillsong lot on television, all joyfully singing psalms, I wish they would desist, and their happy claps resist'' is so inoffensive it is hardly worth the effort of typing up a letter of complaint, and probably not even worth the effort of complaining about the complaint - so I'll stop here and just quote Oscar Wilde - "there's only one thing worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about!"

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Guy Noble
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