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War Dances

In Dance - Shona McCullagh - April 9, 2015
Artistic Director Shona McCullagh discusses New Zealand Dance Company's new ANZAC tribute, Rotunda.
We may not all get to be angels, but we can be really, really loud!
Composer Cyrus Meurant talks collaboration, choreography and being part of a collective.
The Sydney Opera House trumpets new composition talent with their Fanfare Competition.
Composers Lisa Cheney and Peggy Polias assess the current state of composition.

Phantoms of the dance

In Dance - Amy Macpherson - February 25, 2015
Amy Macpherson, Co-director of contemporary dance company Phantom Limbs takes us inside their latest work.
Weber's Der Freischütz is about to get a brand new Australian outing, with a distinctly cinematic treatment.

Sine & Syrinx

In Classical Music - Jane Sheldon - January 12, 2015
Soprano and new music pioneer Jane Sheldon reveals why she is a singer who envies the birds.
Tony Kevin's Blog
Live broadcasts are due to be cut by 50% next year, but at what cost?
Leta Keens's Blog
Philip Jameson's new string quartet commission from the Silo Collective.