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Danish royals to attend Sydney Opera House 40th bash

Sydney Opera House cultural spectacular to be a Danish dalliance.

Indigenous Australia's got operatic talent

National Indigenous Opera Company comes to Melbourne to nurture young Indigenous singers.

Aussie ten-year-old wins Kazakhstan piano competition

The prodigiously talented Shuan Hern Lee adds another international win to his growing collection.

Arts proven to combat Alzheimers

New British study proves the benefits of the Arts in treating patients with debilitating mental disease.

Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld: Opera Australia

Jonathon Biggins, Phillip Scott and Opera Australia give Orpheus in the Underworld a classy makeover.

EMI to release Fifty Shades of Grey classical album

The erotic novel everyone is talking about has spawned a classical music compilation.

33-year-old pianist Mihaela Ursuleasa dies suddenly of brain haemorrhage

The child prodigy discovered by Claudio Abbado passes too soon

Aussie quartet takes on Etihad Airways to get violin on board

Violinist Tor Frømyhr was allowed to take his violin on board the Frankfurt-Abu Dhabi flight only after four young musicians intervened

Genre-bending Melbourne Festival line-up for 2012

Brett Sheehy to end his collaboration with the Melbourne Festival after a four year tenure as Artistic Director

Biggest bell in the world to ring in London Olympics

The musical program of the London 2012 Olympics comes with bells on

Paul Daniel to head Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine

Daniel named music director from 2013-14 season

Funding axed for Fanfare youth music festival

Campbell Newman's razor gang cans band camp

Grave robber extracts the teeth of dead composers

Brahms and Johann Strauss Jr get an unwanted check-up from the tooth fairy.

Sydney Symphony names David Robertson new chief

The American maestro takes over from Ashkenazy in 2014.
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