Helena Czajka

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Andrew Upton to remain artistic director of STC

Cate Blanchett's departure leaves Upton flying solo at the helm of Sydney Theatre Company.

Musical Briefing: The Cadenza

With the advent of the formal cadenza, the soloist suddenly took centre stage. But can these flashy displays of bravura be taken too far?

Daniel Smith wins Luigi Mancinelli Opera Conductors' Comp

The young Australian maestro strikes gold in Italy.

Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy pens dark Rapunzel ballet

The British author turns her hand to dance in an adaptation of Grimm’s twisted fairytale.

At last, Cecilia Bartoli briefs us on her latest musical mission

The plot thickens! Finally, we get our first taste of music from the diva's mysterious new CD.

Chamber Made Opera launches its own record label

Melbourne's intrepid contemporary opera group releases two CDs in a bold recording venture.

John Winther, former head of ANU School of Music, has died

The Danish-born pianist and music educator left his mark on several Australian music institutions.

Melbourne vs Sydney: which is Australia's arts capital?

Old rivalries flare up as the country's two cultural heavyweights battle for the prestigious title.
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