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How to star in your very own Beethoven symphony

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How to star in your very own Beethoven symphony

by William Jeffery on January 31, 2014 (January 31, 2014) filed under Audio Visual | Classical Music | Comment Now
World online orchestra offers its audiences the chance to put themselves in the musical spotlight.

Ever wanted to play in a world class symphony orchestra? A couple of bright-spark Internet entrepeneurs have come up with a scheme which will allow you to do just that. The World Online Orchestra is the brainchild of the Copenhagen Philharmonic and design agencies Makropol (Denmark) and Helios Design (Canada).

This is how it works. Each member of the online orchestra uploads a video of themselves performing a set piece. This is played in sync with every other member’s recording and the object is to build a bigger and bigger ensemble, all playing the same thing. Currently, the online orchestra consists of 45 members of the Copenhagen Phil – all of whom have uploaded themselves playing Beethoven's Seventh Symphony.

The project is currently in phase 1 of production, the point at which anyone is able to explore and mix these individual performances. Features include the option to bring one instrumentalist’s track out of the texture and into the foreground and filtering the work by instrumental section and instrumentalist’s location.

Here comes the clever bit - once phase 2 is complete, musicians around the world will be able to add themselves into the orchestral mix by recording their own performance through a browser and a webcam. This second phase of production is being crowd-sourced through Kickstarter. Since going live on January 12 over a third of its $30,000 goal has been achieved with contributons from over 60 individual donors.

Click here for details and the chance to take part in the World Online Orchestra.