Sydney Dance Company wrongly linked to child sex scandal

Poor choice of words by ABC News links Sydney’s flagship dance company with troubled inner-west studio.

Sydney Dance Company patrons were left in confusion yesterday following the release of a series of ABC news articles and reports with misleading headlines, suggesting that SDC would close as a result of allegations of sexual offences.

Sydney Dance Company was flooded with phone calls from concerned supporters. The headline should have correctly identified the dance school under investigation as the RG Dance Studio in Sydney’s inner-west. Instead it simply used the generic words Sydney dance company – unfortunately not as generic a name as they thought.

The felony was compounded when the misleading headline was tweeted by the ABC yesterday afternoon and despite a swift response from Sydney Dance Company Twitter supporters correcting the information, it was later published in the ABC’s online news and broadcast on evening television news reports. The same headline was also picked up by Yahoo 7 Online news.

Sydney Dance Company Executive Director Anne Dunn says, “We are anticipating an apology from the ABC this morning, for their unfortunate choice of language around this sensitive matter. There is no connection between Sydney Dance Company and RG Dance Studio in Sydney’s inner-west, whose founder is currently under investigation.”

Until yesterday it had been a good year for the company who are preparing for an upcoming international tour of six countries across three continents and have recently released an excellent set of figures in their 2012 annual report.

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Sydney Dance Company wrongly linked to child sex scandal
Pay attention ABC: this is NOT Sydney Dance Company
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Pay attention ABC: this is NOT Sydney Dance Company
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