Beck produces Philip Glass remix album

High-profile electronic musicians around the world celebrate Philip Glass's 75th birthday in style.

Indie-rocker-turned-producer Beck will take the reins of a new project marking American composer Philip Glass's 75th birthday in 2012.

Los Angeles-based Beck and fellow producer Hector Castillo have assembled some of the world's most innovative electronic musicians for the occasion on a forthcoming compilation of remixes presenting the minimalist's sound world to new audiences.

The album purportedly features Cornelius, Memory Tapes, Amon Tobin and former Battles frontman Tyondai Braxton, among others.

In 2009 Beck produced Charlotte Gainsbourg's critically acclaimed third album IRM. Castillo, who has collaborated with Glass previously, made a name for himself working with the likes of Björk and Lou Reed.

The minimalist compositions of American iconoclasts Philip Glass, Steve Reich and Terry Riley have had a profound influence on the rise of electronica and the DJ movement, with Glass sampled most recently in Jay-Z's Rap Game/Crack Game. His prominence in Hollywood film scores has made him a cult icon for a younger generation of composers and alternative music fans.

Bringing the new compilation full circle, Glass reinterpreted David Bowie's Heroes for orchestra in 1997; Castillo has also collaborated with Bowie.

It appears that Glass, who turns 75 on January 31 next year, has given the project his blessing.

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Beck produces Philip Glass remix album
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