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A bold, risk-taking and genre-breaking selection that challenges preconceptions of Asian culture.
The most photographed destination in Australia prohibits the use of the photographic hardware.
Virtuoso is the perfect rainy-day activity for anyone who considers themselves a music buff.
The award-winning director becomes the youngest Artistic Director of an AMPAG organisation.
The former Dean of the Sydney Conservatorium was told to resign or face dismissal by University administrators.
Guidelines confirm no money for individuals or screen projects in Senator Brandis' NPEA.

Editor’s Choice

His nine symphonies rule today’s orchestral repertoire, yet their composer is still a mass of contradictions.
To celebrate the Austrian symphonist's 155th birthday we recommend five recordings for your listening pleasure.
Nonesuch Records present Sunrise Of The Planetary Dream Collector: Music of Terry Riley
We catch up with the iconoclastic Chinese pianist taking music by the scruff of its neck.
The French Legion d'Honneur talks about growing out of her pants and how she definitely "ne regret rein".
It’s second star on the right as Li Cunxin’s intrepid dancers strap on their flying harnesses.

Live Reviews

With a toned down rape, it’s a wonder what all the fuss was about.
A new take on Strauss' merry pranks lead to decidedly mixed bag.
Pasticcio it may be but Vivaldi's Bajazet is more than the sum of its parts.
Demi-monde brought fully to life in beautifully cast and conducted revival.
Boesch and Martineau draw us magnetically into Schubert's cold, dark night.
Extraordinary chemistry at work in Boesch and Martineau's compelling double act.

CD/DVD Reviews

A good Busoni selection that is bested by the competition.
Bach junior’s modest organ works perfectly fine thank you.
ABC Classics release a lovingly played reissue of Grainger’s piano pops.


Michielotto’s new staging of Rossini’s Guillaume Tell raised plenty of hackles in London, but will it here?
The satisfaction of rediscovering old favourites.
Ahead of their anniversary concert, Nicholas Routley shares the choir's history.