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Respected advocates of pioneering Japanese teacher defend his reputation following reports of fraud.
Speculation over Carmen connection behind the departures of Artistic Director and Chorus master
Early music pioneer and peace activist accuses ministers of incompetence toward the arts.
Top cellist refutes evidence, describing Australian academic’s material as "shoddy".
Online videos featuring senior orchestral players share tips for success.
2014's powerful Puccini success sets the tone for opera company's accessible 2015 season.

Editor’s Choice

The virtuoso fiddler has a fondness for Bilbo Baggins and reveals the time he fell off stage.
Would you join Berlioz at the witches Sabbath or hide under the bedclothes? We dare you to find out!
The passion, music and melancholy of the Schumanns comes to life in letters and song.
Lieven Bertels corrals a raft of intriguing and diverse music, theatre and dance talents to rock Sydney in 2015.
Experimental composer and theatre director Heiner Goebbels reveals his unique process.
London’s Aurora Orchestra have conquered Europe. Now they’re setting their sites down under.

Live Reviews

Rachmaninov and Tchaikovsky's big guns, Medtner steals the show.
An excellent, thoughtful, funny, well-staged play that needed just one more rehearsal.
Nott conducts Poulenc and Mahler with something of the night about them.
Johnny Greenwood's a standout amongst an evening of mixed Beethovian pleasures.
German pianist's mixed bag of Haydn, Beethoven and Chopin to Hobart.
Ensconced on an aircraft carrier, SA's Otello takes a different tack.

CD/DVD Reviews

Good vibrations from Aussie master of the instrument.
Stellar sound is let down by imprecision in performance
Time and Truth triumph big time – and Delphian wins a prize as well.

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Composer and guitarist Bruce Mathiske reveals the story behind his cycle of guitar concerti.
Why Bellingen is probably the perfect place in the world to have a classical music festival.

New York and Nature

by Jane Sheldon on September 24, 2014
Jane Sheldon posts from New York about her latest album, Nature.