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Following on from this year's Helpmann success, SDC will offer two Bonachela world premieres in 2016.
TSO set to feature plenty of Brahms, Beethoven and a whole lot of Baroque in the new year.
The fifth annual film score competition run by Tropfest and APRA AMCOS comes under fire for controversial film choice.
Long-term supporter of the orchestra Vicki Olsson buys a highly-prized 1757 Guadagnini instrument for the SSO.
The nation's flagship ballet troupe kick-off World Ballet Day LIVE, featuring five top international companies.
Ahead of this week's Meeting of Cultural Ministers the arts advocacy group suggests emergency plan.

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Celebrating 25 years on stage, Angela Gheorghiu comes to Australia trailing a reputation as long as a Diva’s train.
Richard Gill believes singing is the best way to acquire a complete musical education.
Could the world could be a better place if more of us learned to sing from the same hymn sheet?
Can new Minister for the Arts Mitch Fifield convince the arts sector that he is not his predecessor?
As Warners release his new studio recording of Aida, we go behind the scenes with the British maestro.
New AD challenges preconceived notions of Asian culture and pushes artistic boundaries.

Live Reviews

★★★★★ British quartet displays all the characters of a fine vintage wine.
★★★★½ A welcome return, with a new addition, for a mighty marriage of movement and music.
★★★★½ Pulitzer Prize winning satire comes up smart and savvy.
★★★★☆ Mutter and Hruša make up a perfect threesome for a dalliance with a Czech romantic.
★★★★½ A highly varied programme showcases the Omega Ensemble's versatility and musicianship.
★★★★★ Compelling programme proves the Finn is, as promised, a "triple threat".

CD/DVD Reviews

★★★★ A delicious Belgian wind is discovered blowing from over Flanders’ Fields.
★★½ Knights on the charge both with, and at, Dumbarton Oaks.
★★★★ Schultz comes up with plenty of blue, if not quite dirty enough.

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On the road with Nick Parnell

by Nick Parnell on September 14, 2015
The vibes virtuoso keeps us up-to-date while on his latest tour of Western Australia.
Are the claims made for Nannerl Mozart simply a case of Viennese whispers?
Making a hullabaloo over Miriam Hyde's music for flute and piano.