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Young Australian soprano is called up by Royal Opera House to reprise her Onegin triumph.
The BBC documentary is based on Australian academic Martin Jarvis’ controversial theory.
The 24-year-old is the first Japanese dancer to be promoted to the company's most senior position.
ABC listeners are invited to nominate the top ten pieces “that make their world stand still.”
The second annual urban art festival in Perth reveals several new public artworks.
The Hildegard Project will commission new works from Australian women composers.

Editor’s Choice

The Artistic Director of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music reveals 2015's red-hot lineup.
Boris Godunov and Frankenstein stand out among Covent Garden's showings for 2015 and 2016.
CIMF Artistic Director Roland Peelman shares why Einstein is his inspiration.
In a wide ranging interview Australia's newest arts chief explains the debt he owes to Richard Gill and Simone Young.
On the way to Gallipoli a century ago, Australian composer Frederick Septimus Kelly was inspired to write his greatest work.
Two top string quartets come together in Williams’ Fado-inspired Saudade.

Live Reviews

Sacred meets profane with Ockeghem up against Estonian shaman drums.
An evening of sumptuous music making, from the plains of South America to war-torn Russia.
Dido laments while witches steal the show in Purcell’s one-act hit English opera.
An unusual but inspired program proves entirely different and unfamiliar.
An uplifting, spiritually cleansing and intelligently multi-cultural Gallipoli tribute.
A few inconsistencies fail to blight an otherwise exhilarating conclusion to this year's Festival.

CD/DVD Reviews

More forays into the past bring some outstanding moments.
The birthday presents have started for this 90-year-old iconoclast.
Four-handed pianistic Rite proves a percussionist’s delight.

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War Dances

by Shona McCullagh on April 9, 2015
Artistic Director Shona McCullagh discusses New Zealand Dance Company's new ANZAC tribute, Rotunda.
We may not all get to be angels, but we can be really, really loud!
Composer Cyrus Meurant talks collaboration, choreography and being part of a collective.