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Matthew Lutton unveils a brave and bold line-up that looks set to thrill.
Ulrike Klein's new Ngeringa Cultural Centre has been specifically designed for the performance of chamber music.
The award-winning vocal organisation offers a "multilayered programme for young people with a love of music."
The iconic venue has received a 4 Star Green rating for it's eco-friendly operations and innovations.
The A-list actor's new "arena spectacular" Broadway to Oz will tour the nation in November and December.
The British director with a string of international hits will succeed Andrew Upton from 2016.

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The composer admits to an obsession with the passage of time in his latest work for the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.
Award-winning pianist Daniel de Borah shares why he's embracing the camaraderie of chamber performance.
The pianist talks about his early passions, the rigours of Alfred Brendel and surviving a Liverpudlian seagull swoop.
If every arts outfit that didn't turn a profit were to shut up shop it would be a cultural desert out there.
How the work of Wagner changed the way in which this conductor saw the world.
The highs and lows of the Russian master's Terpsichorean trio.

Live Reviews

★★★★★ One of the most profoundly thrilling and beautiful musical experiences of this reviewer's life.
★★★★ ½ Stephen Hough performs an outstanding piano concerto to conclude the TSO’s Beethoven Celebration.
★★★★ Even without an orchestra, the People’s Diva came, sang and conquered.
★★★★☆ A dramatically convincing production totally within Wagner’s world.
★★★★★ Ohlsson delivers an incisive yet fulsomely poetic reading of Brahms' massive First Concerto.
★★★★☆The Bard's last play is John Bell's last show for the company - but he leaves us wanting more.

CD/DVD Reviews

Burney thought them vile, but Lawes’ Royal extravagances are entirely viol.
It’s Parisian theatrical politics ahoy and not a medieval Sicilian in sight.
Turn your ears back in time for a Mario del Monaco grand prix.

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A musicians' plan to raise awareness of suicide prevention.
In defence of artists (and anyone who wears a tutu).
Making a hullabaloo over Miriam Hyde's music for flute and piano.