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Highlights include Nakkiah Lui's Black is the New White, Osamah Sami’s newly adapted memoir, and a Hedda Gabler on the coast.
The singer is to play Eva Perón in a revival of Hal Prince's original 1978 production of Evita for OA and John Frost.
All 17 resigned following the response to Charlottesville, prompting the president to skip the upcoming Kennedy Center dinner.
This year's finalists are bassoonist Matthew Kneale, flautist Tamara Kohler, and pianist Alex Raineri.
The Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Elder Conservatorium are offering a new postgraduate programme for conductors.
ABC Classics has released an album of the beloved satirist’s stint as a guest presenter who brought “balance” to the station.

Editor’s Choice

Pinchgut Opera’s AD has just cut his first solo disc. The in-demand harpsichordist talks about the joys of Handel and musical theatre.
The soprano talks about her upcoming show DIVA, a funny and warm tribute to Joan Sutherland and June Bronhill.
Flying into Sydney and Brisbane, the new music specialist talks Kate Moore, feminism and why she won't do a Pistol and Boo.
Michael Keegan-Dolan's haunting Swan Lake set in the bleak Irish Midlands has a short season at the Opera House.
Why when a clock goes tick-tick do we hear tick-tock? An investigation into a trick of the mind throws up some surprising results.
Confusion over door etiquette caused a meeting of greats to descend into farce.

Live Reviews

★★★½☆ A glorious setting for a winter chamber music festival.
★★★★½ Polished Bruckner and beatific Beethoven from Simone Young and the SSO.
★★★☆☆ Anna Dowsley stuns as Lucretia in Kip Williams' deconstructed Britten.
★★★½☆ Elegant pianism, intellect and finesse from Imogen Cooper.
★★★½☆ A new musical about a great diva that successfully melds an original score with operatic arias.
★★★★☆ An excellent account of Prokofiev Five and a first-rate horn concerto.

CD/DVD Reviews

★★★★½ Meyerbeer revisited: Diana Damrau’s hommage lifts a B-reserve composer into the A-league.
★★★★½ Bold works for guitar and string quartet repay repeated listening.
★★★★½ Nelsons leaves an impressive calling card with Bruckner’s Third.


Newly formed, the Pacific Pride Choir recently undertook their first international tour.
Anthony Albrecht reports from the bush on his regional recital tour.
Anthony Albrecht reports from the bush on his regional recital tour