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Enlightenment comes to Queensland as Brisbane breathes new life into Baroque blockbuster.
Governor-General recognises financial supporters ahead of Australian performers and artists.
Perth Festival’s Artistic Director will lead Melbourne Festival from 2016.
Wagnerian soprano will be worth five Garbos and two-and-a-half Bergmans from October.
Christian Thielemann hand picks Australian singer to front his latest Brahms’ Requiem.
The Kiwi opera trio pledge to refund any unsatisfied customers on their upcoming UK tour.

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Australia's finest musical minds tell us what they think makes our top 10 truly great.
One of Australia’s most iconic actors reveals her most cherished musical memories.
Sir Simon Rattle reveals why the Berliner Philharmoniker decided to launch its own record label.
The winner of the 2014 Lady Fairfax Scholarship sets his sights on the States.
Limelight's Editor Francis Merson bids a fond farewell after leading the magazine for four years.
Conductor Sigvards Klava explains how it survived Stalin, the fall of the Wall and a plague of Turkish rats.

Live Reviews

Latvian voices live up to stellar reputations in voyage of choral discovery.
Charleroi Danses' genre defying show of hands and heartbreak is a masterful meditation on love and memory.
Eighty-something shabby Frenchman in Chekhov still manages to seduce the crowd.
This skilled and inspired violin-playing songstress is betrayed by a mismatched venue.
Bach’s triple-decker organ sonatas get a distinctly variable Italian outing.
An enthralling fusion of folk and classical, but perhaps in need of a trim.

CD/DVD Reviews

Middle of the road Mahler has Fire and Ice in ideal equilibrium.
As Walton goes from bright young thing to angry young man.
Sir Simon and the BPO rattle their sabres at the recording industry.

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Weber's Der Freischütz is about to get a brand new Australian outing, with a distinctly cinematic treatment.

Sine & Syrinx

by Jane Sheldon on January 12, 2015
Soprano and new music pioneer Jane Sheldon reveals why she is a singer who envies the birds.
Live broadcasts are due to be cut by 50% next year, but at what cost?