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STC's The Present was the third highest-grossing play during a bumper Broadway 2016–17 season.
A 1677 Stradivarius Sunrise has been recreated using 3D printing and traditional handcrafted techniques.
The decision by Fairfax Media to lay off a quarter of its journalists has sent alarm bells ringing, particularly in the arts sector.
The Indigenous writer, actor and director has taken home two major prizes at the 2017 New Premier's Literary Awards.
Martin Kemp has revealed new details about the artist's origins in his book Mona Lisa: The People and the Painting.
Musicians will meet sporting "soloists" when the Orchestra plays Andy Akiho's Ricochet: Ping Pong Concerto next month.

Editor’s Choice

Perth Cathedral's Master of Music will finesse the Town Hall's mighty instrument for a whole week of French organ grandeur.
Warner Classics’ Bertrand Castellani talks about the great cellist, who was larger than life both on and off the stage.
★★★★☆ Kane Alexander thrills with high-flying vocals, matched by heartfelt emotion.
Always inventive, Rameau’s love of pushing the limits of convention won him both ardent admirers and die-hard detractors.
A harrowing examination of grief and loss, the writer of Cloudstreet discusses his third play Shrine ahead of its Melbourne premiere.
Jane Ede and Adrian Tamburini may not look past their sell bys, but they’ve notched up quite a score in Bizet's opera.

Live Reviews

★★★★☆ Performances of sheer vigour and colour from the Melbourne Con’s new maestro.
★★★½☆ Entertaining production with great music, if not exactly suitable for children.
★★★★☆ Novel arrangements see a trio of chamber wizzes shouldering an entire orchestra.
★★★★☆ A rare glimpse inside Dame Nellie’s country Victorian home, followed by high tea in the diva’s former garage.
★★★★½ Classical music in a contemporary venue.
★★★☆☆ A thought-provoking exploration of story-telling and the fragility of memory.

CD/DVD Reviews

★★★★½ A fresh take on the sacred works of a 20th-century French master by one of England's finest.
★★★★★ Faultless piano works explore Liszt's hang-up with Wagner.
★★★★☆ There's nothing synthetic about this Moog's approach to Chopin.


Sarah Sweeting on how she came to discover a more sensual, seductive expression of Venus.
Perhaps explaining how a contrabassoon makes noise via smartphone translation is not so odd.
Composer Elena Kats-Chernin was flown in for the Festival Farewell.