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Although the man tried to explain why he was practising while driving, the police remained unconvinced.
Australia’s richest prize for young contemporary artists has announced the 21 artists who have made the finals.
In his latest gaffe, the US President has trumpeted his friendship with the great tenor – who died in 2007.
Steve Davislim's Tito will also be among the highlights to catch the ears of Aussie audiences.
A school girl in the US, with no left hand, is giving the violin a red hot go after students built her a hot pink prosthetic arm.
The Australian violinist speaks to Limelight about winning the ₤6,000 prize and where she's going from here.

Editor’s Choice

Guido van Helten’s larger-then-life portraits are the flagship of an arts initiative that’s revitalising the town.
Keen for his instrument to boldly go where no oud has gone before, Joseph Tawadros has looked to Egypt for his new concerto.
Currently playing Richard III in Melbourne, the Australian actor's new play about the Russian mystic is showing in Sydney.
The Artistic Director of the Canberra International Music Festival describes the music born in the cauldrons of change.
He sometimes gets a rough ride in matters of musical craft but we underestimate the emotional eloquence of Bellini at our peril.
The SDC rising star discusses small towns, his inspiring Pre-Professional Year and how to handle boobs in your face.

Live Reviews

★★★★☆ Plenty of Aussies and next year's Sydney Gurnemanz in Vienna's latest Parsifal.
★★★½☆ Joanna Murray-Smith’s comedy-drama drops a bomb on comfortable coupled life.
★★★★☆ A beautifully filmed live performance of a cherished ballet takes to cinema screens across Australia.
★★★★☆ More pleasures as Goldners play Vasks and Dickson premieres Edwards.
★★★★★ An exhilarating concert, led by a vigorous violinist.
★★★½☆ An eclectic offering showcasing some of the individual talents in Arcadia Winds.

CD/DVD Reviews

★★★★½ Finley warms up Sibelius: Rautavaara’s inspired orchestrations offer a rich tribute to the late-master’s late-master.
★★★★½ Genre-bending programme from America's favourite soprano.
★★★½ Alt-Mendelssohn brings a leaner take on the classic oratorio.


Sarah Sweeting on how she came to discover a more sensual, seductive expression of Venus.
Perhaps explaining how a contrabassoon makes noise via smartphone translation is not so odd.
Composer Elena Kats-Chernin was flown in for the Festival Farewell.