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Theatre company’s unorthodox trilogy to be its most ambitious program yet.
Decision to remove composer's work from BBC Proms prompts an angry response.
An impressive line-up of artists has been assembled for OA production, with one exception.
Violinist Grace Clifford wowed judges with stunning concerto performance.
Sydney Symphony Orchestra Chief picks up Fender Stratocaster for a minimalist jam.
Warners’ wiz kids subject La Divina to the freezing water treatment.

Editor’s Choice

Asher Fisch lures Maisky, Zuckerman, Ohlsson and Chang to Perth.
Composer explains how he learned their secret language in the fields thanks to singing and cooking.
The actor discusses the power of Mozart, duetting with his wife and taking up the clarinet late in life.
Scottish violinist talks Beethoven, dabbling in folk, and her musical journey to date.
Fiscal struggles can't hold back the latest in music documentary director's successful saga.
Winners announced at Australian Art Music’s annual night of celebration.

Live Reviews

Brahms and Janáček hit the mark, though lacklustre Lalo fails to score.
Kevin McKenzie makes a splash with Australian debut of Swan Lake.
From Pastoral to Choral, Fisch leads his gallant band in triumph.
Cooper journeys through works of three 19th century master composers.
Two contrasting orchestrations aid aural promenade through Mussorgsky’s masterpiece.
Great voices and a concert setting helps make sense of plot.

CD/DVD Reviews

string quartets
Artemis Quartet
Crack Berlin stringers bounce back with brand new leader.
Mendelssohn’s six string quartets don’t get the airplay they deserve, being overshadowed by Beethoven and Schubert’s. There are plenty of recordings out there, but few to rival this new double disc from Berlin’s...
Symphony No 3, Symphony No 7
Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Kirill Karabits\
Karabits delivers in spades in volume one of a new series.
Prokofiev’s rarely performed Third Symphony (Mackerras performed it with the Sydney Symphony in 1977) is the symphonic equivalent of Almodóvar’s Women on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown. I enjoyed...
The Thief of Bagdad, The Jungle Book, Sahara, Ben Hur
BBC Philharmonic, Rumon Gamba
Epic scores that could benefit from a bit more epic sound.
It wasn’t until the 1940s when émigré composers from Central Europe began working in the UK and Hollywood, that film music came of age. Top of the heap, alongside Korngold,...

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Is there music on Mars?

by Guy Noble on September 1, 2014
And just what kind of music lover should be chosen to colonise the Red Planet?
A penny for your thoughts, a price for on a smile?

Rhythm It Is!

by Richard Letts on July 31, 2014
Is this the best possible art I can make, right now?