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Sheena Boughen, pro bono CEO for Four Winds Bermagui for a decade, honoured at the Creative Partnership Awards.
The embalmed body of the Spanish surrealist will be exhumed to settle a paternity suit.
Kate Moore has taken out the Matthijs Vermeulen Award while Lachlan Skipworth has won New England Philharmonic’s Call for Scores.
Mozart's Clarinet Concerto in A Major is being reimagined for a new sound installation in the Observatory Hill Rotunda.
Trumpeter and MYO alumnus Josh Rogan speaks to Limelight ahead of his concerto performance at an anniversary concert.
WAAPA's first Aboriginal Musical Theatre student has been recognised for his contribution to the ATSI community.

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The Icelandic baritone, coming to Australia for Canberra Symphony Orchestra's Opera Gala, reveals his guilty pleasures.
On the 250th anniversary of the death of one of the Baroque period's most prolific composers, we ask if more can be more.
Ahead of Chamber 8’s Australian tour, the violinist shares some little-known gems from the chamber music repertoire.
Back in 2015, this extended musical family told Clive Paget how the 'food of love' can also be the language of love.
The South African-born, Gold Coast-educated fortepianist talks Mozart and the therapeutic effect of mixing a cocktail.
The great pianist treasured Beethoven’s kiss and incorporated it into his mythology, but did it occur in public or in private?

Live Reviews

★★★½☆ Much to enjoy, but some missed programming opportunities.
★★★★½ Jacqui Dark and Kanen Breen offer a down and dirty good time in their new cabaret show.
★★★½☆ Gripping, multi-hued portrayals in 70 minutes of deeply enthralling theatre.
★★★★★ Individual, instrumental brilliance balanced by a group cohesiveness and single-mindedness.
★★★★½ Painterly orchestral story-telling in Debussy’s only completed opera.
★★★★★ The man behind the piano now stands on top.

CD/DVD Reviews

★★★★★ A great new Daphnis… Period: François-Xavier Roth brings on some 20th-century HIP ideas to reveal the real Ravel.
★★★★☆ Elise McCann shines both vocally and as a storyteller in songs inspired by Roald Dahl.
★★★½☆ Anderszewski is exquisite in one, over-romanticised in the other.


Sarah Sweeting on how she came to discover a more sensual, seductive expression of Venus.
Perhaps explaining how a contrabassoon makes noise via smartphone translation is not so odd.
Composer Elena Kats-Chernin was flown in for the Festival Farewell.