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Queensland Theatre Company's groundbreaking team will aim to dissolve creative borders.
Opera singer Cecilia Bartoli and songwriter Max Martin are this year's award winners.
The experimental music specialists will receive electric shocks while performing live on stage in Sydney.
The illustrator and best-selling children's book author will hold the prestigious position for two years.
One of the world's largest fashion collections, worth over $1.4 million, heads to Melbourne.
The award-winning songstress will champion community singing through her Queensland Music Festival programme.

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The Queensland Theatre Company's Artistic Director speaks about his new team and leading the nation from Brisbane.
ACO Artistic Director, Richard Tognetti, shares how a new breed of composer is bringing classical music into the 21st century.
Millions of notes, thousands of hours of practice and just eight fingers and two thumbs! It ain't easy tinkling the ivories.
MSO Associate Conductor Benjamin Northey shares why the Hitchcock-Herrmann partnership is cinema's finest.
With Voyage to the Moon, Michael Gow has made something new out of something old along with the late, great Alan Curtis.
A chat with the actor whose character sails up the Hawkesbury in Andrew Bovell's award-winning adaptation.

Live Reviews

★★★★☆ Ashkenazy and Ohlsson's Emperor strikes in back-to-back Beethoven.
★★★½☆ Timely revival makes up in spirit for what it lacks in polish.
★★★☆☆ Ashkenazy reveals a pair of lithe and engaging symphonies and a supersized seventh.
★★½☆☆ An entertaining but ultimately anticlimactic exploration of female sexuality that gets lost in translation.
★★★★☆ This tribute to a seminal cinematic collaboration offers a thrilling homage to two great artists.
★★★★½ Finely realised stagecraft, an ensemble on form and a story that invites all Australians to reflect.

CD/DVD Reviews

★★★★½ An ebullient and involving Bostonian account of Haydn’s masterwork a mere 200 years on.
★★★★☆ Capuçon delivers icy control and remarkable attention to detail.
★★★★½ Flórez is as polished as the natty sports car upon which he poses.

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Recordist Alicia Crossley offers up some advice for emerging artists.
The team at Citizen Theatre share why the next 12 months is about the female of the species.
In the first of a series of essays, film-maker Nicholas Searle explores contemporary Australian music.