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Mitch Cairns has taken out the Archibald Prize for his portrait of artist Agatha Gothe-Snape.
Passengers on an overnight train witnessed the world premiere of an opera inspired by items of luggage.
A woman in Japan has been arrested on suspicion of smashing her former partner’s valuable violin collection.
The SSO Chief Conductor and Artistic Director is to stay through 2019, and has revealed a little of his 2018 programme.
Jonathan Holloway looks to "the bigger picture" with Taylor Mac, Under Siege and a Requiem for Cambodia on the bill.
A slice of life over 100 years in a Singapore hotel, a virtual opera star and a mysterious bathhouse are among the offerings.

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Dvořák could easily have ended up a jobbing musician in some small town but his ambition and genius led him down a different path.
Jewish artists fleeing persecution in Europe in the 1930s created work in Australia, the US, Japan and even in concentration camps.
The Tokyo-born, Montreal/New York-raised violinist shares her favourite recordings and the music she could live without.
Jonathan Henderson will premiere the Australian composer's new work with the Brisbane Philharmonic Orchestra.
The famous virtuoso violinist suffered ill-health all his life, but his troubles didn’t end with his death.
The Aussie bass triumphed at the 2017 Opera Awards, giving him the opportunity to hone his craft abroad.

Live Reviews

★★★½☆ A glittering, intoxicating love song to the disco era.
★★★½☆ Tasty Trout gets a flavoursome grilling, if not quite a flambé.
★★★½☆ Sinkovsky's the star in an evening of baroque pearls.
★★★★½ AWO’s crack squad delivers top-notch Beethoven and Dvořák.
★★★★☆ A hugely enjoyable staple of Adelaide's cultural diet.
★★★★☆ Brett Weymark and SCC would have made Richard Gill proud, not to mention Britten.

CD/DVD Reviews

★★★★★ Missing in action no more: Albion Records restores a fistful of revelatory scores by Ralph Vaughan Williams.
★★★★☆ Kats-Chernin and Cislowska re-team in dreamy homage to Satie.
★★★★☆ Polish over profundity in Melvyn Tan’s ‘Czerny’ of a lifetime.


Anthony Albrecht reports from the bush on his regional recital tour.
Anthony Albrecht reports from the bush on his regional recital tour
Sarah Sweeting on how she came to discover a more sensual, seductive expression of Venus.