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Alice Barker, a chorus line dancer in the 1930s is given a wonderful gift.
The latest NT Live series promises world-class actors and award-winning theatre.
In this month's issue, Beethoven's Big Bang: the concert that changed everything.
The American academic leaves after only three years citing “personal reasons”.
Young Australian soprano is called up by Royal Opera House to reprise her Onegin triumph.
The BBC documentary is based on Australian academic Martin Jarvis’ controversial theory.

Editor’s Choice

The May issue of Limelight explores Beethoven's 1808 marathon concert, but how well do you know Herr van Beethoven?
Where did Ludwig go wrong? Perhaps the programming was to blame.
How does an artist commemorate the brutality of war? Composer James Ledger shares his thoughts.
The Iranian-American harpsichordist unravels Rameau (and a good deal more).
Two of Australian music's leading ladies, Claire Edwardes and Amy Dickson, on reviving their duo.
The Artistic Director of the Australian Festival of Chamber Music reveals 2015's red-hot lineup.

Live Reviews

The Sydney Symphony pays tribute to the ANZACs through two Antipodean commissions.
A majestic and noble memorial in the grand tradition of great orchestral choral music.
Arthur Miller's 1950s morality play gets a stunning (and thoroughly modern) makeover.
Docudrama meets quality soap opera in David Hare’s latest truth commission.
Sacred meets profane with Ockeghem up against Estonian shaman drums.
An evening of sumptuous music making, from the plains of South America to war-torn Russia.

CD/DVD Reviews

The tiny perfect gems of Brahms’ choral music.
Works old and new woven into a beautiful musical garland.
Stutzmann’s Handel proves a contralto really can do it all.

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War Dances

by Shona McCullagh on April 9, 2015
Artistic Director Shona McCullagh discusses New Zealand Dance Company's new ANZAC tribute, Rotunda.
We may not all get to be angels, but we can be really, really loud!
Composer Cyrus Meurant talks collaboration, choreography and being part of a collective.