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Antonio Pappano conducts an all-star cast for the sensational Warner Classics release.
CEO Craig Hassall remains optimistic that the Sydney home of OA will receive future investment from Baird.
Mike Baird promises multi-million dollar refurbishment that will transform Sydney’s arts hub.
Music teachers angered over release of prerecorded piano accompaniments for use in AMEB exams.
The prominent British music teacher has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.
The men of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra get a sartorial makeover.

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The late director's Cio-Cio San of choice remembers a remarkable collaboration.
Limelight Magazine Editor Clive Paget pops the cork on new era.
Tafelmusik and Musica Viva bring the court of The Duc D’Orleans to Australia.
We're celebrating Valentine's Day with our list of some of the greatest couples in music.
Limelight Editor Clive Paget heads backstage to meet American superstar tenor Michael Fabiano.
We take a look back at the best movers and shakers at this year's Sydney Festival.

Live Reviews

An ode to Handel featuring an ode by Handel, that St. Cecilia would be proud of.
Three of Beckett's best short dramas leave a lasting impression.
The Sydney ensemble kick off their 10th anniversary season in fine fashion.
Music and art collide in a winning plot with more coincidences than the Da Vinci Code.
Bizarre, quirky, political and rebellious: the imaginative world of Martin Wesley-Smith.
A spirited evening of music wows a grateful crowd of 10,000.

CD/DVD Reviews

Troubled times and comic touches in moving autobiography.
Pack the sunscreen for a sunny Spanish orchestral holiday.
Williams looks backwards rather than forwards for new concertos.

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Phantoms of the dance

by Amy Macpherson on February 25, 2015
Amy Macpherson, Co-director of contemporary dance company Phantom Limbs takes us inside their latest work.
Weber's Der Freischütz is about to get a brand new Australian outing, with a distinctly cinematic treatment.

Sine & Syrinx

by Jane Sheldon on January 12, 2015
Soprano and new music pioneer Jane Sheldon reveals why she is a singer who envies the birds.